• Frequently Asked Questions
    How much does iSuweldo cost?

    iSuweldo's pricing is based on the number of companies and total number of employees you are using for your payroll. Please click here to get an instant quote.
    How do I make payments to iSuweldo?

    You may make quarterly, semi-annual, and annual payments to ensure uninterrupted and continuous use of iSuweldo.

    You may deposit through any Chinabank Savings branch
    • Account Name : iSuweldo, Inc.
    • Account No.: 359-006251-3

    Please fax your deposit slip at +63-2-800-3866 ext. 1005.

    You can also make your payment by mail or in person at iSuweldo's Bayaran ng Bayan Center located at the Unit 2408, 24th Floor Cityland 10 Tower II, 156 HV Dela Costa St. Makati City

    *We don't accept cash payment.

    iSuweldo's Bayaran ng Bayan office hours are Monday to Friday, 8:30 am - 5:30 pm.

    You can contact us at +63-2-800-3866 or email us at sales@isuweldo.com if you have any questions.

    Is there someone I can call when I have a question?

    Yes, our helpdesk and support is available Mondays to Fridays, from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. You can contact our help desk at +63-2-800-3866 or email us at support@isuweldo.com.
    Can I run iSuweldo using our servers?

    Yes, you have the option to run iSuweldo yourself in your own servers. This can be the case if you do not have an internet connection or if you want to use your existing network infrastructure and server hardware to run iSuweldo.

    Note: Additional fee will be charged for the maintenance of the servers.
    What is the disadvantage of running iSuweldo using my own servers?

    You would need to spend more on purchasing your own servers, create infrastructure, and hire personnel to perform daily administrative task that include daily backups. You run the risk of downtime.
    What are the requirements running iSuweldo in our own servers?

    You need to be able to successfully process your company's payroll for five times using iSuweldo in order to become eligible to run iSuweldo in your own servers. This is to ensure that you have sufficient experience and know-how on running iSuweldo without any problems.
    What do I get by becoming a partner?

    You will be provided with tools that will help you on becoming successful with iSuweldo. These tools include our partnership kit that provides you with instructions and manuals on getting started with using iSuweldo. It gives you access to our ticketing system (iTrack premium) to effectively manage your timekeeping and payroll issues.
    How long does it take to complete your payroll run?

    iSuweldo's payroll run can be completed in a matter of seconds depending on the number of employees your company has. For 100 employees, payroll computations and processing is completed in an average of 5 minutes.
    How do I create a company?

    You can create a company by logging in as any administrator and clicking the add company button.
    How do I start using iSuweldo?

    You can start using iSuweldo by sending us the signed quotation and your initial payment. Once you provide payment, we will send you the credentials and you can start using iSuweldo.
    Can iSuweldo interface with other software?

    Yes. We support creation of the journal entries from the payroll processing. We can receive and transmit data via excel.
    How will iSuweldo compute my pay if I have basic pay increase in the middle of the period?

    iSuweldo will prorate the basic pay using the old rate from start of the period until before the effectivity date of the adjustment, and using the new rate from the effectivity date to the end of the period.
    How will iSuweldo treat the basic pay increase that was given at a later period (ex: effective January but given on March)

    iSuweldo will compute retroactive pay for the previous periods that have been processed (ie: January-February)
    How many administrators can I have in iSuweldo?

    You can add as many administrators as you need.
    How do I add an administrator in iSuweldo?

    You can add an administrator by going the to users tab, then click the add button under the iSuweldo ID link. Specify the needed information for the new admin, select the payroll group that he/she has access, then click the add button.
    Can I restrict some screens to an admin? For example I only want him/her to do the timekeeping functions.

    Yes. You can define restrictions to the administrators by using the permissions setup under the users tab. On the permissions setup, you can select the specific screens that cannot be viewed, can be viewed only, or can be viewed and updated. The defined permission should be assigned to the administatorís account under the iSuweldo ID screen.
    Can iSuweldo process my last pay?

    Yes. iSuweldo has last pay processing functionality.
    Can iSuweldo process my 13th month?

    Yes. iSuweldo has 13th month processing functionality. In fact, you can also process 14th month, 15th month, up to nth month processing.
    Can iSuweldo process my 13th month in two (like half will be given on June and the other half on December)?

    Yes. You can configure your 13th month to be processed semi annually. It also has the option to process monthly (or 12 processing) or quarterly (4 processing). 13th month rules are defined in Company Wizard> Payroll Setup> 13th month.
    Can I setup recurring allowances for employees?

    Yes. You can setup recurring allowance under the employee allowances screen in Employee>Payroll information. The amount of allowance defined will be equally divided every pay period.
    What does ESS mean? What does it do?

    ESS means Employee Self Service. It is a feature in iSuweldo where employees are given username and passwords that they can use to login to the system and do self-service functions such as eBundy (time in/time out), Timekeeping Application, Leave Application, Overtime Application, Expense Application, viewing of profile information, leave balance, loan balance, payslip, and DTR (daily time record)
    How much does it cost to use the ESS feature of iSuweldo?

    Use of the ESS is free! As long as you are subscribed to iSuweldo, you can also use the ESS feature.
    Can I change my payroll calendar at the middle of the year?

    Yes. You can update your calendar for the remaining open periods for the year. iSuweldo will compute any adjustment in between the old and new periods. For example, the old period covered is 1-15 and the new period covered becomes 5-20. The 5 days will be computed with adjustment.
    Can I define in iSuweldo of our company policy that that an employee must work for at least one hour of overtime before it will be considered for OT pay?

    In iSuweldo, you can setup the minimum number of hours required to be considered at OT. If the approved OT is less than the defined minimum number of hours, it will be recorded as overtime but will not be included in the OT pay.
    Are Payslips automatically sent to the email addresses of the employees once the payroll run is finished?

    For security reasons, the payslip is not sent to the employee's email address. Instead, it sends an email notification that the payslip is available and can be viewed by logging in to the employee's ESS account. The email is sent once the payroll administrator clicks the button for sending the notification. This is to allow the administrator to have control such as when the payroll has been processed at an earlier date but the crediting to the bank is at a later date.