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Members of Social Security System (SSS) starts paying higher contributions on April 2019.

iSuweldo has updated its SSS table and contributions computation in accordance to SSS Circular 2019-005, which emphasizes the increase of monthly contribution from 11% to 12% and the new monthly salar...

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iSuweldo™ known as Rosetta Payroll in Singapore, passes File Validation Test for e-submission of employment income of Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) for Year of Assessment YA2016. Rosetta Payroll is the localized version of iSuweldo in Singapore. Our product has consistently passed ...
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"BP Global has been using iSuweldo since February 2015. It enabled us to accurately process our payr ...

“Government reporting and compliance is hassle-free with iSuweldo.

We can generate the fo ...

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iSuweldo Presentation
iSuweldo Presentation video shows you why iSuweldo is the only HR and Payroll system that you will need.

The process overview chart shows the integration of each part of the system. The video also talks about the different features like multi company support, time stations and biometrics, and company wizard. It also shows the powerful configuration of the system having different payroll types, different payroll run types, flexible approval groups, multiple work shifts, 13th month, 14th month, up to nth month run, annualization, and others. Employees are empowered by using the self service feature, and payroll run is easy with the payroll wizard.

Lastly, the video talks about the benefits of using iSuweldo such as fast and easy payroll processing, efficient employee self service, government compliance, eBundy and Biometrics support, instant deployment, and accurate monitoring of leaves, expenses, and loans.
iSuweldo Payroll System
iSuweldo Payroll System video shows you the overview of the main features of the system.

The first part shows the employee self-service features (ESS) such as the timesheet application, inquiry for loan balance, leave application, overtime application and expense application.

The second part shows the approver functions to approve or reject the timesheets, leaves, overtime, and expense.

The last part shows the administrator functions. It shows how the payroll master easily runs the payroll for the period and generate the payroll reports such as payslip, payroll register, bank transmittal, and government reports such as for the BIR, SSS or GSIS, HDMF, and Philhealth.
Leaves Management
iSuweldo leave management system video shows you how to easily manage your employee's leave balances, usage, and entitlement. It also shows how to configure leave rules and employee self service.

In the company wizard, you can define different leave types. You can also set the rules on how to accrue the leave for your employees based on years of service, rank, and other parameters.

On the employee self service (ESS), the employees can submit leave application and also see their available leave balances. They can also attach the required documents on their leave application such as medical certificate.

On the payroll run, the leave accrual and recognition of approved leaves are also integrated.

Reports such as leave ledger report can also be generated.
Time and Attendance
The iSuweldo Time and Attendance video shows how you can track you employee's hours worked including the project and location.

In the company wizard, you can define the different rules on your timekeeping such as defining the standard work hours and shifts available for your employees.

In the employee self service (ESS), the employee can submit his timesheet online by filling up the hours worked per day or uploading an excel template. Specific employees may also be allowed to use the eBundy where employees can time in and time out online. Employees may also apply for leave online. The approvers can instantly get notified and view the pending applications.

On the payroll run, all approved timesheets are already available for processing. Several timekeeping reports can also be generated.
Expense Management
Expense Management video shows you how to easily integrate your employees’ expense reimbursement into your payroll. It also shows how you can charge a specific project to each expense.

The process starts by setting up the expense types and other details. Next, the employee creates expense application with attachment of receipts, then submits it for approval. This notifies the approver about the expense application. All approved expenses then goes to the payroll admin for payroll processing. Corresponding reports can also be generated for management.
iSuweldo Loans
Loans Management video shows you how the system tracks employee balances and amortization payments for each payroll period.

In the company wizard, you can define any loan type that can be deducted from employee's payroll.

Then, you record the loans and amortization schedule for each employee. During the payroll run, the scheduled loan deductions for the corresponding period is automatically deducted from the employee's gross pay.

In the employee self service, the employee will see the amount that has been deducted from his pay.

Lastly, you can generate different reports related to loans.
iSuweldo Employee Self-Service
Employee self service video shows the different transactions that can be done by employees in the employee portal.

An employee can update his contact information, create timesheet application for his hours work, do online time in and time out to specific project and location using the eBundy, inquire about his loan payments and balances, view leave balance and apply for leave, create an overtime application, apply for expense reimbursement and attach the supporting documents.

Upon submission by the employee, the approver gets notification in real time. He can approve the applications in his approval workflow.

Upon completing the payroll run, the employees can also view their payslip and the leave ledger.
iProcess HR and Payroll Service
The iProcess HR and Payroll processing service video shows you how the iProcess team can help you achieve a No Pain All Gain HR and Payroll processing.

The video shows the two service offerings: the iProcess Standard package, and the iProcess Premium package. It also shows the steps on how the service is delivered to you using the iSuweldo platform.

iProcess also offers the iProcess Confidential payroll for discreet processing of your executive and management payroll.
iSuweldo Timekeeping with Biometrics Integration
iSuweldo timekeeping with biometrics integration video shows the different sources of timekeeping for payroll processing.

iSuweldo has eBundy functionality that allows you to time in and time out online. The data is captured in the system in real time.

iSuweldo is also integrated with several iSuweldo certified biometrics devices. The system reads the raw format generated from your biometrics unit.

The timekeeping application in iSuweldo Employee Self Service (ESS) allows the employees to submit timekeeping entries subject to approval. This is very helpful specially those that are usually on official business (OB).
iSuweldo Piece Rate
iSuweldo Piece Rate video shows how the manufacturing industry can use iSuweldo for processing the payroll of employees or workers who are earning piece rate, or daily rate, or both.

iSuweldo’s piece rate feature allows you to easily take into account the production output of your employees into their payroll.